सितला माजु – पुला‌ंगु बाखँम्ये (अंग्रेजी अनुवाद सहित)

सितला माजु स्वहुने परजाया गथिन हवाल
न्यना मदु खना मदु कचि मचा तय मदु, महाराजया हुकुम जुल


नायखिन बाजन थायका, सिपाहीन घेरे याका, कचिमचा पितिनाव छोत
नसा बजि ब्यकुंच्यासे, कचिमचा लुकुंछिसे, वनेमाल तामा खुसि पारि


छम्ह मचा लुकुंछिसे, छम्ह मचा ब्यकुंच्यासे, छम्ह मचा लुतुलुसे यने
यें देसं दना वना खोप देसे बास जुल, तलेजु माजु दरसन याये


खोप देसं दना वना बनेपास बास जुल, चन्देस्वरी दरसन याये
बनेपानं दना वना पलांचोस बास जुल, भगवति दरसन याये


पलांचोकं दना वना दोलाघाते बास जुल, भिमसेन दरसन याये
दोलाघातं दना वना तामाखुसि बास जुल, वने मानि तामाखुसि पारि


दोलखा देसं दना वना तामाखुसि पारि थ्यन, महादेव दरसन याये
नय यात नसा मदु तिय यात वस मदु, च्वने यात बास जित मदु


लखि मखु पसि मखु न्हाकंप्वाच दाया हल, सिपाहीन घेरे यानाहल
कइ बीम्ह कछला माजु, लख जायकीम्ह सितला माजु, यनकीम्ह बछला माजुयाके फोने


थ्व हे मचा बचे जुसा जोलिंजोल बखुन बोयके, लुंयागु ओयागु द्वाफो स्वान छाय
सुरज कोमजो थाल चिकुं पुना मचा सित, माम बुबां नुग दाया खोल


सीम्ह मचा उयमदु मचा गाले थुनेमदु, परजाया गथिन हवाल
बाम्ह मचा माम जोंसे बाम्ह मचा बुबां जोंसे तामाखुसि कुतकाव छोत


स्वामि जुजुया धर्म मदया कचिमचा वाके छोत, वनेमाल तामाखुसि पारि
नेपालया छत्रपति श्री रणबहादुर, परजान अति दु:ख सिल .
मते मते सितला माजु सहश्र बिनति छिके, याहुने लोक उधार.

Look at the plight of the people, Mother Sitala.
It has never been heard of nor seen, but children cannot be kept in the country, the king has ordered it.

With drummers beating drums and soldiers surrounding them, the children were expelled.
Carrying pounded rice under their arms and their children on their backs, the people had to go across the Tama Koshi River.

They went away carrying one child on their back, one on their hips, And dragging another one behind them.
They departed from Kathmandu, spent the night at Bhaktapur, And visited the shrine of Mother Taleju.


They departed from Bhaktapur, spent the night at Banepa, And visited the shrine of Chandeshwari.
They departed from Banepa, spent the night at Palanchok, And visited the shrine of Bhagavati.


They departed from Palanchok, spent the night at Dolaghat, And visited the shrine of Bhimsen.
They departed from Dolaghat, spent the night at Tama Koshi, They had to go across the Tama Koshi River.


They departed from Dolakha, reached the other side of the Tama Koshi River, and visited the shrine of Mahadev.
There is no food to eat, there are no clothes to wear, and there is no place for me to stay.


It was not a whip, it was not a cane, they were beaten with stinging nettles, by soldiers who surrounded them and drove them forward.
We beg Mother Kachhala who gives smallpox blisters, Mother Sitala who fills them with water, Mother Bachhala who takes them away.


If this child survives, we will release a pair of pigeons, We will offer jasmine flowers of gold and silver.
At a place where no sunlight fell, the child died of cold, The mother and father beat their chests and cried.


It is not allowed to cremate the dead child or to bury him, what great suffering of the people.
The father held half of the child’s body, the mother held half of the child’s body, and they threw it into the Tama Koshi River.


The king had no mercy and ordered the children to be expelled, they had to go across the Tama Koshi River.
King of Nepal, Rana Bahadur, The people suffered greatly.


Don’t, don’t, Mother Sitala, I beg you a thousand times, Please deliver the people.


फेसबुकय् लूगु । अनुवाद सुनां यानादीगु सिइकेदःसा जिउ ।  सिउसा लिसः छ्वयाहयादिसँ । सुभाय् ।

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