Government of Nepal rejects electric buses in Kathmandu !

Bhushan Tuladhar

Another lost opportunity! Nepal got five electric buses for free & it is messed up!!!

I fail to understand why the Government of Nepal rejected the five e-buses that arrived in Nepal as part of the Lumbini Clean Public Transport Project, financed under a grant from the Asian Clean Energy Fund (ACEF) and administered by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Officials from the Ministry of Tourism have said that the buses are not as per the specifications and the country of origin is not China. But let’s take a look at some facts:

1. The issues raised by an inspection team formed by the Ministry of Tourism have raised 17 issues but most of these are minor issues such as “The wheel nut was observed to be rusty.” There are no comments on the important components such as a battery or motor.

2. The buses were supplied by BYD, a world leader in electric bus technology. BYD is based in China but has plants all over the world, including India. Some of the parts may have been manufactured in its plant in India but overall it is clear that these are BYD buses.

3. ADB officials I have talked to say that they have informed the government that the buses are as per the specifications and acceptable to them.

4. Government of Nepal does not have any standards or methodology to test electric vehicles. However, officials from Government of India’s Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT), which is the official body to test vehicles in India, checked the vehicles and found them to be satisfactory and in compliance with the specifications. CIMEX, which invited CIRT to do the third-party inspection also invited the Ministry of Tourism to witness the inspection, but they refused

5. Officials from BYD that I have met say that if the government feels there are any errors in the buses, they are willing to rectify them. Plus there is a warranty on all the buses.

How can Nepal promote #ElectricMobility in this country with this type of behaviour from the government?

Courtesy: This opinion of the noted environment expert is lifted from his Facebook wall.

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